Question:  What gear do I need for class?
Answer: A DOT compliant helmet, eye protection, long sleeve shirt or jacket, full-fingered gloves, long pants,and sturdy over-the-ankle boots.

Question: How do I get my license after completing the course?
Answer: Our courses provide you with a license waiver certificate that you take to the MVA to get your license.  There is no testing, but you may wait in a line and pay a MVA fee to update your license.

Question: What's the eCourse?
Answer: The eCourse is a 3-hour online course required for licensing in Maryland.  It's managed by the Motorcycle Safety Foundation [MSF].  Don't stress!  It's a fun way to review the handbook, you can repeat sections if you get to many questions wrong, and as long as you complete all sections you'll pass and get your certificate--required for your fist class.

Question: Is there a fee for the eCourse?
Answer: To the general public, yes, but not for our riding academy customers.  After you enroll and pay for your riding course you'll get an email with a coupon code which allows you to take the eCourse without paying the $20 fee.  Yep--we pay for your eCourse.  Cool Right?

Question: How do I enroll in the eCourse?
Answer: Click below for detailed instructions:

Question: What happens if I cancel?
Answer:  Email Riding Academy Manager Buzz to cancel your enrollment and open the seat for other riders.

Question: Will the motorcycle fit me?
Answer: Yes for 99% of our customers.  We have three seat heights that work for most riders.  Riders under 54" tall are encouraged to meet with their dealer advisor to sit on a comparable motorcycle as described in the fit policy below.

Question: Where do we meet for class?
Answer: It depends based on the class.  Your RiderCoach will call you a few days before class to let you know and to be sure you are good to go for class.

  • Check out this map for addresses and the route between our RT1 dealership and our Cedar Lane riding range.

Question: Are there discounts?
Answer: Sometimes.  The discounts for military and first responders ended in 2018, but new promotions can happen throughout the year and will be announced on our Facebook page and this website.

Customers who plan to purchase a motorcycle from Eisenhauer's Chesapeake HD should see their Dealer Advisor for discount options.

Question: What happens after I enroll?
Answer: You will have a team of professionals working with you from the time you enroll online, and even after you graduate.

  • Riding Academy Manager.  If you think about our riding academy as a school, your RAM is like the Principal, just a really helpful one!  Buzz will welcome you by email and text message and you'll have his email and cell phone for help any time, even after hours.
  • Dealership Advisor.  Advisors are like counselors who will provide information, advice, and cheer you on as you progress through the course.  About 2 weeks before class Buzz will email or text you with the name and contact information for your Dealership Advisor.  Your  Advisor will meet you at the dealership, provide your materials, explain your precourse homework and the online eCourse, and answer your questions about the course.  Your Advisor is your personal consultant for everything about our dealership.
  • RiderCoach. RiderCoaches are, well...your coaches!  They are the teachers in the classroom and coaches on the riding range.  Check out our RiderCoach profiles and pictures.

Question: How do I get ready for class?
Answer: You have some important precourse homework to do before your first night of class including:

  1. Make sure you have the required riding gear.
  2. Complete your eCourse and print your certificate for class [you can also take a photo with your phone and bring the phone to class].
  3. Highlight the answers to the 175 questions in the back of your handbook [the answers mostly go in order as you read through the handbook].  This is important because you will be discussing the handbook in small groups--our Coaches don't lecture, they expect you to come to class ready to discuss the handbook concepts!

Question: What if I fail?
Answer: Harley-Davidson riders do not accept failure, so we have renamed this First Attempt In Learning!  While most people pass the written and riding tests on the first try, we include a second try for both tests at no extra charge.  If you are not successful with the second attempt we provide individual or small group instruction to get you ready for another class.  Sometimes people need more time than our course provides.  No problem.  That's Buzz's specialty.  Learn more about our Skill Enhancement Sessions.